Our mission is simple but powerful.


Every day and in every interaction, the Wellington family expects integrity, fosters mutual respect, embraces diversity, inspires each person to discover and strive to meet his or her unique potential, and celebrates excellence in character, academics, the arts, and athletics.

Life as a Jaguar is filled with connections that foster a meaningful sense of community. Crossing languages, cultures, school divisions, and the lunch table, our students connect as mentors, buddies, teammates, and partners. At Wellington how we learn is just as important as what we learn.

To this day, Wellington embodies the ideals of balancing character, the arts, athletics, and academics to create students who can have genuine involvement in the world.”



Every student has unique potential

The Wellington School prepares students for success in life by nurturing their inquisitive nature so they can discover their passions. We provide the foundation of a great education, and give them the tools to face – with confidence and responsibility – the challenges of being lifelong, inquisitive learners, teachers of others, and leaders in an increasingly complex world.


There is nothing conventional about our standards

We believe learning should be joyful, and we are committed to helping each child find delight in every discovery he or she makes while becoming a capable learner. Our innovative curriculum is not dictated by standardized testing. It is integrated across subjects and customized to fulfill the needs and interests of our students.


A supportive environment that embraces multiculturalism

The Wellington family is made up of students, parents, faculty, and administrators who support each other and embrace their differences. We acknowledge the myriad of ways that individuals define themselves as society continues to grow and evolve.

Learning outside of the classroom

Our students further enhance their growth by participating at all ages in sports, theater, music, and competitions. We believe effective life skills can be learned either in center field or on center stage. The Wellington School also facilitates community service projects that help students stay grounded and realistic in their worldviews.


Unparalleled college preparedness

The Wellington School offers a college counseling, rather than placement, program that helps ensure success at the post-secondary level. This difference can’t be overstated. Our program is distinctive in its empowerment of students to search for, identify, and enroll in colleges that are strong fits based on their individual passions and circumstances.


Diversity thrives here

Wellington’s founders were devoted to creating a diverse learning environment for students, and we actively seek a student body that mirrors our school’s mission. Diversity at Wellington is defined by differences in race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.



The Wellington School is an independent, coeducational, preschool through grade 12, college-preparatory day school dedicated to preparing citizens who achieve, lead, and find fulfillment in a global community.

The Wellington family expects integrity; fosters mutual respect; embraces diversity; inspires each person to discover and strive to meet his or her unique potential; and celebrates excellence in character, academics, the arts and athletics.