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The Abbott Family Learning Center is the heart of the 76,000-square-foot building Wellington opened in October 2010. The learning center is a warm and inviting environment for the Wellington community complete with age-appropriate areas, small group/study rooms, workspaces conducive to laptop use and informal reading nooks.


learning center


The learning center provides more than 35,000 print and non-print volumes, an online catalog, subscription databases, and is open nearly 50 hours a week.

The learning center curriculum focuses on the acquisition of information literacy skills and demonstrating the benefits of lifelong reading. Both formal and informal instruction are offered, as well as one-on-one and small group instruction in the classroom, computer lab, or learning center. Instruction in information literacy is based on national standards established by the American Association of School Librarians.

The librarians’ expertise enables them to be active participants in the educational process. Their days are spent providing individualized and integrated reading, research, and curricular assistance to the Wellington Community.

More than 35,000 print volumes

Advanced online catalog
12 subscription databases
Open to students nearly 50 hours a week.

Contact the Leaning Center Staff

Thumbnail image of Middle and Upper School Librarian

Patricia Dunn

Middle and Upper School Librarian
Thumbnail image of Lower School Librarian

Pat Kellicker

Lower School Librarian