A time to pursue and explore
individual passions.


For students in grades 9 through 12

The Wellington Upper School program instills foundational content and skills in each student, while offering extensive advanced opportunities for students to “dive deep” and augment their education through exploration of individual interests. Students can choose from a lineup of innovative electives and traditional core classes, or they can create their own course of study under the guidance of expert faculty.


Course Brochure


English and Writing

Our expectations in English literature and composition exceed the standards of most schools, and exceed the Ohio state standards. We include additional writing requirements during the freshman year and we also have a required Advanced Composition course for all juniors, in preparation for exceptional writing training and a framework for their college essay process. Our recent graduates regularly report back from college that they feel very prepared for any college writing expectations. Our advanced English electives include many college-level seminar style options.


  • 9th graders take both English and Writing courses.
  • Advanced English electives include: Controversial Literature, Experimental Horror Fiction, Literature and Philosophy, The Graphic Novel, Shakespeare Seminar.


Mathematics Curricular Expansion

While we continue to offer the foundational calculus track (culminating in multiple advanced calculus options), we have also expanded our mathematics courses to include a wider array of mathematics topics and applications. This range of math offerings allows our math scholars as well as the everyday math student to find interesting, challenging, and relevant math options.


  • Multiple statistics offerings
  • Cryptography
  • Personal Finance
  • Operations Research
  • Expanded curricular options through OSU offerings


Independent Science Research (ISR) and the Wellington Research Institute (WRI)

Advanced science students have the opportunity to enroll in a year-long course connected to a research project in their area of interest. Students are expected to work closely with an outside research mentor and the students typically spend time of campus in a research environment. Students can be enrolled in this program for multiple years in order to facilitate authentic research design, collection, and analysis.


  • Natalie ’15 is collaborating with OSU to map mouse neurons in order to identify genetic linkages to autism.
  • Casey ’15 is collaborating with OSU in researching and searching for planets beyond our solar system.
  • Elliot ’15 is collaborating with Children’s Hospital in researching the connection between maternal diabetes and congenital heart failure in children.
  • Aashika ’15 is collaborating with OSU to study the biomechanics of dominant limb sports injuries.
  • Marine Biology students have studied in Grand Cayman (while becoming SCUBA certified) and have also participated in research related to coastal areas in Chesapeake Bay.


Oral History and other electives

The sophomore history class allows students to deconstruct the model of a history book by forcing them to think about how history gets passed down from generation to generation. Students in the class don’t read history – they become historians as they go out to collect their own oral histories from officials, friends, and family. It all leads to a greater understanding of the social side of history that has nothing to do with dates and cities and timelines.


  • Ted ’16 interviewed a D-day veteran and gained a deeper, much more personal, understanding of implications of war
  • Jonathan ‘13 in 2011 created a social history project on the Los Angeles riots and his submission to YouTube has over 300,000 hits.
  • Gabrielle ’14 interviewed a member of the Tuskegee Airmen.
  • Lotte ’15 wrote a play about the social history of Harvey Milk.


Global Citizenship Certificate Program

The Global Citizen Certificate program encourages students to think globally, to play an active role in the world, and to develop a broad understanding of other worldviews. Elements of the program include the study of societies and global issues, proficiency in a world language, as well as participation in leadership, travel, and service to the community.


  • Currently 38 students are enrolled in our World Language Pilot Program, studying 8 different languages, including Arabic, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, German,Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, French, and English (ELL).
  • We are developing, in collaboration with professors at Ohio University, a global leadership program
  • We continue to offer exchange programs with schools in France and are also developing a globally focused Jaguar Academy.


Senior Independent Projects (SIP)

SIP is a culminating experience required for graduation from The Wellington School. Students pursue a passionate interest and then develop an essential question. They research all aspects of their essential question, including primary and secondary sources. Seniors may spend the whole year working on their projects, and all seniors get the final two weeks of the school year to work exclusively on their SIPs. Just days before graduation, each student presents his or her findings to the public.


Customizing Curriculum

Upper School students are encouraged to create independent study projects and courses, with faculty support and guidance. Some independent study ideas take just a trimester, while others span the entire upper school experience as a student explores a subject with the intent to master it.


  • Alexandria ’13 organized a TEDxYouth conference.
  • Laura ’13 gave violin lessons to intercity youth.
  • Sarah ’14 helped to build homes for families in Mexico.
  • Amelia ’14 designed and built a wooden electric guitar

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