Recognition of excellence.


The Wellington School celebrates alumni achievements through the Distinguished Alumni Award and the Athletic Hall of Fame.


Distinguished Alumni Award


The Distinguished Alumni Award was established in 2015 to recognize a graduate of The Wellington School for significant achievement reflective of the mission of the school.


Class Year Name
1989 Cynthia Callender Dungey
1992 Dr. Richard O’Shaughnessy, Jr.
1991 Lt. Col. Shannon Brown


Award criteria

A nominee must:

  • Be distinguished in his or her chosen business, profession, or life’s work.
  • Have made a significant contribution or impact on the lives of others, their profession, or in the community.
  • Be an individual who, in deed or action, recognizes the importance of his or her education at The Wellington School, and demonstrates pride in Wellington.
  • Be 10 years past graduation from The Wellington School.


Nomination process

Nominations will be accepted online through June 2 for the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award. Click here to submit a nomination. Questions? Contact


Athletic Hall of Fame


The Wellington Athletic Hall of Fame was established in the spring of 1997 as a way to recognize those athletes and coaches who demonstrated through performance exceptional skills, sportsmanship and a high level of integrity, as well as having been honored for outstanding personal achievement.

Class Year Name
1989 David Kaucheck
1990 Jennifer Beahm Green, Laura Wilkins Cooke
1992 Steve Paull, Dorina Yessios
1993 Julie Beahm Blankenship, Cliona Howie, Tony Pinson, Amy Richards Burgess
1995 Robert Black, Andy Connor, Neil Johnston
1996 Bob Dolciato, Brandi Foley Rodgers, Bice Garcia Dolciato, Rebecca Spears Hinze
1997 Kelly Ohsner Davie, Andrew Farber
1998 Brittany Little, Josh Schmidt
1999 Isaac Dole, Amy Johnston Estes, Adam Stewart
2000 Katie Craig, Adam Roberts
2001 Jordan Kilbury, Ryan Martin
2002 Zachary Fayne, Claire Lukeman, Brian Steginsky
2003 Tracie Abbott, Tess Emerson, Lorenda Haynes
2005 Kyle Martin
2006 J.J. Bain
2010 Kara Concheck, Colleen Durfee
2011 Ian Wagner
Coach Craig Mosier ’01
Coach Janice Stewart
Coach Sam Stewart
Coach John Yakscoe

Updated 3/2017


Alumni criteria

  • Induction to The Wellington School Hall of Fame is an honor reserved for those athletes who have demonstrated exceptional athletic ability, combined with outstanding sportsmanship and integrity.
  • The athlete must be a graduate of The Wellington School.
  • The athlete’s letters, awards, and records will be heavily considered.
  • Outstanding college or professional accomplishments will be considered.
  • There will be a waiting period of five years from graduation before consideration for induction.


Coach criteria

  • Induction to The Wellington School Hall of Fame is an honor reserved for those coaches who have demonstrated exceptional coaching ability, combined with outstanding sportsmanship and integrity.
  • The coach must display the ability to develop and maintain a successful program.
  • The coach must have coached a minimum of seven years in the same sport.
  • The coach must have coached at a high level, which resulted in being named Wellington Coach of the Year, League Coach of the Year, District Coach of the Year, etc.


Meritorious service

Among others to be considered shall be individuals who have made significant contributions towards the advancement of Wellington athletics. In considering candidates, the tireless and unselfish efforts of those individuals should be considered for induction into The Wellington School Hall of Fame.


Nomination process

Nominations are now being accepted online through June 2 for the 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame. Click here to submit a nomination. Questions? Contact