Arts Immersion Day Highlights Creativity and Design

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON November 30, 2017 IN ,

Upper school students celebrated the arts with an entire day devoted to creativity and design. Immersion Days are intended to cultivate deeper thinking and exposure to meaningful extracurricular themes. Recently, upper school students benefited from hearing guest speakers, participating in workshops, and exploring the influences of art within a variety of professions, such as science, architecture, and food.

The day also allowed for Wellington’s first fashion show, presented entirely by the Fashion Design class. Student designers shared their inspiration, as well as challenges, while working on their projects. Project Runway contestant and local designer Kelli Martin participated in a Q&A about her own views on what she considers to be art and her greatest professional triumphs. Martin also shared that she loves living in Columbus because of its diverse and collaborative community. After a day immersed in the arts, upper schoolers could say the same of Wellington.

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Upper School Fashion Show 2017

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