First Day Delight

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Boundless joy and excitement for learning filled the halls of Wellington for the first day of the 2017-18 school year. Students and faculty eagerly began the journey together with warm greetings and morning meetings laying the groundwork for what’s to come.

Lower schoolers discovered fresh school supplies in their cubbies and personalized touches around their classrooms, helping them to feel instantly right at home. Students explored their new spaces, including The Abbott Family Learning Center and The Thomas Family Dining Room where they learned about family-style eating and the importance of making a colorful plate for a healthy lunch.

Students in upper and middle school began their day in morning meetings in which faculty members introduced themselves and shared some of the exciting things to look forward to throughout the year. Assistant Head of School and Head of Upper School Jeff Terwin spoke to upper schoolers about his expectations of integrity and mutual respect between students. He also cautioned them to be aware of the amount of time they spent on devices, as research has shown increased usage leads to higher levels of anxiety as well as decreased productivity and satisfaction with life. With underclassmen headed to camp, juniors to Philadelphia, and seniors participating in college counseling workshops, Terwin encouraged everyone to use their class trips as an opportunity to set the standard for their year ahead.

“Every student at Wellington has a voice,” he said, “and can make an important impact at the school.”

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First Day of School 2017

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