First Days Spectacular

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Wellington welcomed families to a new school year filled with exciting challenges to conquer and limitless opportunities for growth. Beginning with Back to School Events and leading up to a festive first day, parents and students were swept away on a wave of enthusiasm for the journey ahead.

Joyful greetings from teachers and friends in the hallways and classrooms underscored what makes Wellington truly special – everyone feels known and that they are important. Whether beginning the day in homeroom or gathering for a morning meeting, students were introduced to caring faculty who will guide them a year of profound self-discovery.

Head of School Robert Brisk P ‘13 ‘15, at the middle school morning meeting, reflected on his son’s first day at Wellington as a 5th grader and how quickly his youngest child has grown into the 6’ 4” college senior he is today. Dr. Rachel Althof P ‘31, interim head of middle school, shared her own first day of school memory from kindergarten in which the feeling of freedom and independence of riding the bus by herself was only slightly diminished by forgetting to get off at her stop and the driver having to call her parents to the rescue.

In the upper school morning meeting, Associate Head of School and Head of Upper School Jeff Terwin charged students with holding themselves to high standards and embracing diversity because it makes us better and smarter. “Be ready to be challenged,” he said, “and you will grow.” As a community in which we are all responsible for inspiring each other, Terwin pointed out that Wellington is a place where we can all be ourselves, freely and accepted by one another. “Each one of you are spectacular and make us better.”

With the largest senior and freshman classes in Wellington history, as well as the highest number of returning families for the school overall, our community is filled with the spectacular and only getting better.

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