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Upper school English students created their own hero stories. Through the trimester-long course, the class studied a variety of heroes from Gilgamesh to Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, Jason, and Sigurd. Students learned about the hero’s journey as defined by American scholar Joseph Campbell and the 12 stages a hero must endure to return home fully transformed.

One memorable assignment included collaborating with Wellington’s youngest students to create hero stories of their own. The upper schoolers met with Little Jags to ask them questions about their lives and favorite things from colors to superheroes and Disney villains before incorporating the various elements into original stories. Juniors Hannah Mazanec and Maithri Kora relished the creative freedom the project entailed as they wrote and illustrated a story about a pilot who must defeat a lava monster to save his home, the fictional York Town.

A unique challenge was presented to juniors Solomon Pierre Louis and Sarah Abdelbaki when they were paired with a child whose religion did not allow for her to be represented as an animal or human. Pierre Louis considered the experience to be a fun way of working within a particular set of boundaries. He and Abdelbaki worked together to create the story of an ice cream cone, separated from a friend at an amusement park and trying to escape an evil chef, that successfully completes its hero’s journey.

Upper schoolers were pleased to share their completed books with their Little Jag buddies, who could take them home as a reminder of their super collaboration.


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Upper School I Need a Hero Class Reads to Little Jags

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