Homecoming Court Embraces Wellington Ideals

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Congratulations to the 2018 Wellington Homecoming Court: Mac Hammet ‘19, Katz Kadlic ‘19, Camille McCants-Simpson ‘19, Skyler Perry ‘19, Amir Phillips ‘19, Aquila Simmons ‘19, Soleil Tibbets-Barnes ‘19, and Olivia White ‘19. The homecoming court highlights the students of the senior class whom best exemplify the spirit of the Wellington community. The eight members of the court are nominated in a vote by the senior class. From this court, all upper school grades vote for any two students whom they feel best embrace Wellington’s ideals of spirit, scholarship, and sportsmanship. Mac and Amir were voted the Royals of the court during Founders Day festivities on September 21. 

Mac Hammet
Outside of school, Mac runs a small farm where he raises animals for the Delaware County Fair and recreation. Mac has raised sheep, turkeys, chickens, cows, and horses on his farm since he was 8 years old.  Mac doesn’t have a “job” so to speak, but he works tirelessly to care for his lovely cows. Mac plans to make his way into biology, studying either medicine or environmental science in college. He hopes to attend Denison University next fall.

Katz Kadlic
Katz is the captain of both the Wellington soccer and lacrosse teams. He was also a 2017 Mid-State League All Academic member of the basketball team. In the future, Katz plans on studying engineering in college. His favorite Wellington memory is of scoring the game-winning goal on Founder’s day sophomore year.

Camille McCants-Simpson
Camille is the captain of the Wellington softball team, as well as a member of Ohio Youth and Government, band, and musical theater. Outside of school, she gives swim lessons to kids from ages 4 months to 12 years old. In the future, she plans to go into pre-med or nursing.

Skyler Perry
A published author in the teen writing competition book “Flip the Page,” Skyler hopes to attend a small liberal arts college not too far from home and pursue a career in communications or journalism. Skyler is also an athlete, have played three years of varsity softball and having been named captain of her barns Varsity riding team.

Amir Phillips
Amir loves watching movies, anime, and Youtube. In the future, he plans to start his own Youtube channel, become an animator, and write award-winning scripts that he will direct into award-winning films.

Aquila Simmons
Aquila is involved in many aspects of the Wellington community. She plays softball and is on the robotics team. She is also a member of the Cum Laude Society. Outside of school, Aquila enjoys areal silks and stone carving. Her favorite Wellington memory is of getting sent to the nurse for licking a glue stick in 1st grade.

Soleil Tibbets-Barnes
Soleil has been her class president for three years. Last year, she served as the student body vice president. In the future, Soleil plans on studying political science, becoming a lawyer, and continuing her leadership role as President of the United States of America.

Olivia White
A member of the Wellington Thespian Society, a newspaper editor and co-founder, and a Blue Key co-president, Olivia White is involved in many facets of the Wellington community. In the future, she plans on studying environmental science and sustainability. Her favorite Wellington memory is of playing Bibi Cavendish in the Wellington performance of “While the Lights Were Out.


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