It’s Possible in 3rd Grade

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The 3rd grade play shed new light on a very old tale when they performed “It’s Possible,” a reimagining of Cinderella from four very different perspectives. With more than 1,000 adaptations of the original French fairy tale floating around, Wellington students came up with their own version featuring new takes on setting, characters, and footwear.

“What if Cinderella preferred loafers to glass slippers,” the audience was asked before being introduced to separate vignettes. One version, set in New York City, was told entirely through rap, while another featured a cowboy Cinderella on a ranch, complete with a cow for a fairy godmother. An expert tuna noodle casserole-making Cinderella had to be back from the ball by midnight because that was “when busses stopped running.”

Whether Cinderella had to try on a lost cowboy boot or a basketball sneaker to be discovered, all of the stories highlighted the beauty behind our differences and the importance of sharing them with others. While it may seem impossible for fairy tales to come true, in the words of the 3rd grade, “impossible things are happening every day.”

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