Kellicker’s Totally Tubular Travel

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON April 13, 2017 IN

Chosen from more than 800 entries, Wellington 4th grader and playwright extraordinaire Lydia Kellicker watched her work performed by The Columbus Children’s Theatre this week. A part of the 33rd Annual Child Writing Project, Kellicker’s piece “Freedom Bound” was selected to be staged by the professional acting company during their touring season this year.

The theme for the project was “Around the World” and students from all over Columbus wrote original work to be considered for the competition. The world premiere took place in March and then toured local schools before coming to Wellington for the entire lower school to enjoy in April. Kellicker’s story involved bored Londoners meeting a zany travel guide from the fictional OFC (Official Freedom Council) and being led around the world to places like Japan and Russia to experience different cultures before realizing that “tea and crumpets were totally tubular after all.”

A talented young writer, Kellicker had the rare opportunity of seeing her words come to life and bring lots of laughter and joy to an audience. Perhaps the memory of her special recognition will be the inspiration for her future work.

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