Kindergarteners Take Flight

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON May 11, 2017 IN

Kindergarteners dramatized the beauty of a butterfly’s metamorphosis in their play La Chenille Affamée.” Based on the classic children’s book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, the play told the story of the life cycle of a butterfly from egg, to larva (in need of constant nourishment), and chrysalis before finally emerging as a fully formed butterfly ready to take flight. Performed entirely in French, student actors played the parts of the various food items being consumed from one day to the next as well the added body of the caterpillar as it grew and grew. When at last the butterfly was revealed, it says, “Je suis un papillon!”

The butterfly, much like the entire kindergarten play, was très mignon, or very cute.

Bien joué, kindergartners!

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