Local Matters to 5th Grade

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON November 2, 2017 IN

Learning how to make healthy food choices, in the grocery store and while eating out, was on the menu for 5th graders. Sarah Wharmby from the nonprofit organization Local Matters recently worked with students to help them understand the life circumstances that may lead people to not make the healthiest selections while shopping as well as what diseases and illnesses can be related to poor food choices. “Healthy eating is so much more than just the food we eat,” Wharmby said. “ It impacts all areas of our lives.”

Fifth graders were given practical tips for shopping, such as making selections from the outside perimeter of the grocery store where the food is freshest, and participated in an eye-opening activity that showed them just how much fat was in that burger and fries they may have ordered last night at a fast food restaurant. Seeing was definitely believing for these students realizing just how much local matters.

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Middle School 5th Grade Guest Speaker from Local Matters 2017

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