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Kindness Day is every day in lower school. While students recently celebrated an official Kindness Day with activities focused on showing compassion and empathy, a culture focused on understanding and thoughtfulness make the lower school a special place for learning and growing.

In monthly town meetings, students feel safe sharing their work with a large audience because everyone is respectful and encouraging of each other. Fourth graders exercise their leadership skills by acting as emcees for the gathering while also helping to guide younger students through their presentations. In December, 2nd graders shared their environmental artwork and 3rd graders read poetry they had written. First graders sang about food in French and 4th graders demonstrated their hands-on math skills by displaying the number 167,593 in cubes on the floor. The wise word of the month, honesty, was discussed in terms of real world scenarios for students to provide their understanding of best practices.

Spelling Bees are yet another opportunity for students to stretch outside of their comfort zone and strengthen their resiliency. Each year, 3rd and 4th graders compete in their classroom for spots in the larger Lower School Spelling Bee. The winner of that event then goes on to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee at the state level. This year’s competition was a nail biter as the remaining three students were given words like recusant, potentialities, and gesticulations. Third grader Zac Barton placed 3rd and 4th grader Nima Raychaudhuri took 2nd place. Congratulations to 3rd grader Anchi Hall for placing 1st. Due to the rules of the national spelling bee, in which only 4th graders may compete, Raychaudhuri will advance to the next round. All the participants deserve tremendous praise for their poise under pressure as do all of the lower school student attendees for cheering on their classmates and staying positive in the face of defeat.

The kindness and generous spirit of the lower school is abundant every day. Forever thinking of new ways to express gratitude and friendship, Wellington students enjoyed Kindness Day as a fun way to even further their empathy and helpfulness. Kindness stations were set up throughout the lower school for students to explore and learn more about the many ways, both large and small, they can make a difference in the lives of others.

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