Middle School Wins at National Robotics Challenge

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Over 350 robots and more than 1,000 students competed in 13 different events at the 2017 National Robotics Challenge where Wellington Middle School students displayed terrific mechanical mastery.

Mini Sumo, the largest event with 86 teams competing, was particularly challenging this year with 7th and 8th graders having to learn new code in RobotC with sensors on a new VEX IQ. They worked many long hours to figure out the coding and their diligence paid off when three Wellington teams advanced to the final eight. The 8th grade team (Zubin Reyazi, Max Windl, and captain Owen Roth) took 2nd Place with the Silver Award. The 7th grade team (Amer Abdelbakki, Gavin Ray, and captain Parker Haskett) placed 4th after a three round standoff. The 5th grade team (Henry Allen, Saro Piscane, Arjun Tonapi, and captain Sam Breyfogle team captain) took 5th Place. It was the 5th grade team’s first time competing in the Mini-Sumo event and they did so in the 6-8 Middle School division.

Botball was the longest competition, and the 8th grade team (with Owen Roth, Zubin Reyazi, and captain Will Miller) won 1st Place, receiving the Gold Award for their tenacity and perseverance learning the new code.

At the Interactivity Challenge, involving the use of SCRATCH with Makey Makey, the 6th grade team (Abigail Noritz, Trevor Baroni, and captain Allison Klingler team) placed 1st and took the Gold Award. “The judges were impressed with their clean code, team work, clear explanations, and use of the engineering design process,” said advisor and Middle School Technology Integrator Helen McConaghy.

The 7th grade team (Harvey Wheeler, Lilly Yu, and captain Liam Ross) won 2nd place and brought home the Silver Award.​The judges were impressed with the program they created and overcoming challenges at the end,” McConaghy said. “Overall, I was very pleased with the dedication of the students. The Mini Sumo teams had a lot to contend with, figuring out a new robot and trying something they had never done before. I also enjoyed watching our older students help out the 5th and 6th graders when they needed it. That was the most impressive part of the event.”

Congratulations to all the Wellington students who participated:

8th Grade
Will Miller
Zubin Reyazi
Owen Roth
Max Windl

7th Grade
Abigail Burkhardt
Rhea Singh
Lilly Yu
Gavin Ray
Amer Abdelbakki
Jake Browning
Parker Haskett
Paari Kaviyarasu
Liam Ross
Harvey Wheeler
Alex Lott
Leroy Dannemiller
Will Starker
Jackson Stoner

6th Grade
Trevor Baroni
Benjamin Taylor
Allison Klingler
Abigail Noritz

5th Grade
Henry Allen
Sam Breyfogle
Saro Piscane
Arjun Tonapi
Armaan Chaudhary
Ethan Paider
Brady Thomas

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Middle School National Robotics Challenge 2017

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