Middle Schoolers Win Mini Robotics Challenge

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON February 16, 2017 IN

Congratulations to middle school students who competed in a mini robotics challenge, Botball, at the Ohio Education Technology Conference. Winning the competition against 20 other teams were 8th graders Will Miller, Zubin Reyazi, and Owen Roth. Taking 3rd place and competing for 7th grade were  Abigail Burkhardt and Rhea Singh. A second 7th grade team with members Jake Browning, Parker Haskett, Paari Kaviyarasu, and Amer Abdelbaki placed 4th. Competing for the first time were 6th graders Allison Klingler, Abigail Noritz, and Ian White.

Teams scored points by coding a robot to move objects to their end zone and even more points if their robot could dump their collected objects into a gutter. They competed in 3 rounds, 90 seconds per round with the option of using a phone app to control the robot the last 20 seconds. Students prepared for these challenges after school, at least once a week, since returning from winter break.

“I was especially proud of their support of each other during the competition,” said coach Helen McConaghy. “The leadership they showed, their focus during timed matches, and their grit in bouncing back from setbacks was really inspiring to see.”


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Middle School OETC Botball 2017 Competition

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