Pandemic Presentations

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON November 16, 2017 IN

After researching the history and impact of some of the world’s most famous pandemics, upper school students shared their newfound insight in class. Viruses and Infectious diseases such as Ebola and polio, respectively, were two commonly known pandemics that students explored. Delving into the origination of the pandemics, subsequent outbreaks, and how the infected were treated, were all topics discussed, as well as their impact on geopolitics, religion, economics, and culture. The development of the polio vaccine, in particular, became the model for how all vaccines are currently developed in the United States, through universities.

Beyond the science of how infectious diseases affect the human body, upper schoolers learned the societal implications, both past and present, of deadly pandemics.

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Upper School Pandemic Presentations 2017

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