Poetry at Play

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In their class play, 3rd graders learned everyone is a poet, including the smallest among us. In the delightful story, a group of mice and bookworms in the school library express their admiration for great writers and conspire to do some writing of their own. When mysterious poems began appearing on the bookshelves, Wellington students were left wondering who could have been behind the literary works of genius. Following a trail of cheese through the library, 3rd graders found a door with a mirror behind it and realized, upon seeing their own reflections, that they were all the poets.

Discovering that everyone is capable of being a writer, the students broke into a fun song to the tune of YMCA, “Here at The Wellington School, writing is really cool. It’s really fun to be P-O-E-T.” The joy in poetry and song was easy to read on the faces of these talented, young performers.

Bravo, 3rd graders!

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Lower School 3rd Grade Play 2017

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