Shark Share in Prekindergarten

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON March 1, 2018 IN ,

Prekindergarteners took Shark 101 with Wellington’s resident marine biology expert, Dr. Jeff Terwin. Sharing his admiration for the perhaps most maligned fish in the ocean, Terwin brought two small sharks for students to touch and examine as he explained that humans do much more harm to the animal than vice versa. The class learned the parts of the shark, how their teeth work, and how they breath underwater, in addition to how their sensory system works to their advantage, in spite of having bad eyesight. Students also practiced their measuring skills to determine the length of the shark specimen. With lots learned by prekindergarteners, Dr. Terwin certainly chummed the waters for students’ future ocean exploration.

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Early Childhood Prekindergarten Shark Exploration with Head of Upper School Dr. Jeff Terwin

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