Sweet Spell of Success

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In November and December, middle school students competed at their grade level to earn spots in the spelling  bee. The competition was fierce, which made this week’s bee that much more intense. All eight representatives did an impressive job. Nima Raychaudhuri ‘25, Sanjan Shanker ‘24, Allison Klingler ‘23, and Leo Koh-Maitre ‘22 were neck-and-neck for 16 rounds! Sanjan and Leo held in there to the 19th round, and Allison won in the 20th round with tuberculosis. Throughout, the audience was wowed by the participants’ spelling prowess.

Congratulations to all of the participants in the Middle School Spelling Bee!

5th grade: Nima Raychaudhuri and Nectarios Michailidis
6th grade: Michael Adams and Sanjan Shanker
7th grade: Allison Klingler and Lilly Thompson
8th grade: Leo Koh-Maitre and Clara Evans

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Middle School Spelling Bee 2018

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