The Power of Kindness

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON February 15, 2018 IN

During Random Acts of Kindness Week, lower school students wholeheartedly joined the celebration with fun activities centered on compassion and caring for fellow community members. Classes made messages in a bottle with notes of encouragement for classmates that were passed along throughout the week. Kindness activities filled the lower school hallway for students to explore as they passed by and, in the Abbott Family Learning Center, they wrote positive notes and placed them in library books to be discovered later by classmates. Students were also encouraged to brainstorm their own ideas for random acts of kindness, such as passing out stickers to a class being quiet in the hall, making posters to decorate other classrooms, or offering to read to a younger class.  

Goodwill and generosity of spirit filled Wellington all week as lower school students shared smiles and sweet gratitude for each other.


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Lower School The Power of Kindness 2018

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