The Readiness Is All

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Shakespeare’s classic existential tale of betrayal, revenge, and communal tragedy received a humorous abridgment when upper schoolers performed Tom Stoppard’s “15-Minute Hamlet.” Wellington’s Rotunda was the perfect setting for the shortened story about the Prince of Denmark brooding his way through Elsinore Castle after the sudden death of his father. Students made creative use of multiple exits and entrances on two levels, so the audience always felt a part of the action of the play. While the sheer speed of the production was used for comedic effect, it also heightened the absurdity of the world Hamlet finds himself in as well as the chaotic disorder of his mind. The velocity of the production was a true marvel of stamina and skill as the students’ deep understanding of Shakespeare’s words and dramatic themes was on full display.

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Upper School English 15 Minute Hamlet Performance

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