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Speech students presented their final assignment in the style of a TED Talk for the school community. Faculty, staff, students, and parents comprised the audience for upper schoolers to delve into topics ranging from the importance of humanities education in science and technology fields, turning obstacles into opportunities, and using travel experiences to enrich our lives. The roughly ten minute talks with just slides and no note cards may have felt a bit like skydiving without a net for students, but they were masterfully prepared and truly took flight as they candidly shared personal experiences and beliefs before a large crowd. Congratulations to all of the upper schoolers for the informative and resonant speeches.

Taylor Adams ‘17 – The Third Wheel: How Social Media is Affecting our Relationships
Brad Biehl ‘18 – The Practice of Questioning and the Impact of Wonder
Bret Hairston ‘17 – “Good” Hair Hurts
Liz Kazemi ‘17 – Positivity Turns Obstacles into Opportunities
Sam Kim ‘17 – Why You Should Leave This Country
Neelu Paleti ‘17 – Bringing Together the Sciences and Humanities
Chase Leino ‘17 – Why so serious? The theme of terrorism
Lucas Palmer ‘17 – Living in a post 4th Amendment America
Cassie Robbins ‘17 – Voluntourism: Good Intentions Gone Wrong
James Rohrbach ‘17 – The Cannabis Conundrum
Emma Ruck ‘17 – Consider Adopting a Dog
Arham Siddiqui ‘17 – Arranged Marriages Aren’t Bad
Will Sierzputowski ‘17 – Do you own your software? Or does your software own you?
Andrew Watson ‘18 – Rethinking Homework
Sydney Wurapa ‘18 – The Truth Behind Your Playlist

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