Vermont Governor Encourages Students to Get Involved

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON February 1, 2018 IN

Former Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin visited Wellington during International Week to discuss leadership, change, and global education. “We have a responsibility to do more,” he told students, sharing his own life story and how he came to the decision to serve home state as governor for three terms. Shumlin’s mother was Dutch and survived a Nazi-occupied Holland. His father fought in the war. Both experiences shaped their worldview and commitment to global education. Shumlin’s parents influenced his own desire to serve and make a difference in the lives of not just Americans but people around the world. He worked with President Obama on the Paris Climate Accord and signed the most sweeping energy bill in Vermont history, turning utilities into energy efficiency companies and bringing solar power to the forefront of state policy.

“International Week at Wellington matters,” he said. “It’s never been more important to learn a second language, travel, and perform service. Get involved and help communities in need.”

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