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Upper school students collaborated with kindergarteners to create superhero stories of their own. In the Upper School English course “I Need a Hero,” students read myths, folktales, and contemporary literature to explore what it means to be a hero, both past and present. With their newfound knowledge, students then visited kindergarten classrooms to work with the lower schoolers on developing completely original heros and imagining their hero’s journey. After concepts and stories were mapped out together, the upper schoolers illustrated children’s books for their young writing partners.

The collaboration was a valuable learning experience for the budding hero makers. “It was really hard when we were writing it to figure out what would make sense to them at that level,” Lauren Kannally ‘19 said. “Usually we are trying to find out how to make things more complex, and for this we had to make it more simplistic.”  

For Becky Carr ‘18, it was interesting to figure out what appealed to young children today, and Jack Haney ‘19 found the kindergartners’ natural creativity and positivity refreshing.

“It was so great to have pure unadulterated enthusiasm for something you have done,” David Lynn ‘19 said.

Book title and authors included:

“The Mighty Justice Bunch” – by Malcolm Banks ’18, Savannah Childress ’19, and David Lynn ‘19

“The Adventures of The Super Squad” – by Jaedyn Gaines ’19, Jack Haney ’19, Lauren Kannally ’19 and Ben Sierzputowski ‘19

“Gotham: Heroes Unite” – by Becky Carr ’18, Trevor McCraw ’19, and Dallas Patrick ‘19

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