WeatherSTEM Enhances Learning for All

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON August 6, 2015 IN

Wellington recently teamed up with WeatherSTEM to provide a dynamic display of meteorology for the entire school community. Installed on the roof of the school, the WeatherSTEM unit sensors will gather and store data on the current weather and weather forecasts so that students of all ages may engage in STEM-based lessons and activities.

Lower school teacher and student engagement grant recipient Michelle Lewis discovered WeatherSTEM while researching new, exciting ways for her children to explore the world outside their classroom window. After contacting the company to learn more, Lewis’s enthusiasm for the project led to Wellington being selected as the only school in Ohio for installation of the WeatherSTEM unit. Now not only school families but also the community surrounding Wellington will have accurate and quick access to weather data through online and social media platforms. The system will text, tweet, email, or Facebook message subscribers with daily weather updates.

With the collected data available to everyone, students in all grade levels will benefit. Younger children will be able to record the daily weather and also view pictures taken by a special cloud cam, leading to discovery about clouds and the correlation and effect of clouds on weather. There will be an agricultural component in which students may measure soil moisture, chart plant growth, and experiment with soil variables. Middle and upper school students may conduct more sophisticated experiments with aquaponics or aqua farming.

Lewis is eager to begin incorporating WeatherSTEM into the school curriculum. “It will totally enhance the learning experience,” she said. “And, for Buckeye fans, there is a football weather almanac!”

The weather station is now available on Facebook and Twitter. You may also view it online by clicking here.

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