Wellington Raises the Bar Graph

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON April 13, 2017 IN

Math class became a handful for lower and middle school students as they explored engaging, hands-on activities related to what they were learning. To better understand data collection and analysis, 2nd graders participated in several timed activities, including the number of sit-ups completed in 30 seconds, the number of five-pointed stars drawn in 30 seconds, the number of jumping jacks completed in 30 seconds, and the number of seconds it took to complete the 100 yard dash. After recording the data, students learned how to evaluate their findings by figuring out the range, median, and mode for each activity. They also further expanded their understanding of graphing and were introduced to tally charts, pictographs, and bar graphs.

“We learned that it is important to analyze each graph carefully, and that a picture or bar may represent more than one item,” teacher Mary Beth Parker said. The students then applied their knowledge to create a bar graph representing data on one of their activities.

Similarly, middle school algebra students were assessed on ratios and proportions through a lab practical involving weighing and measuring items for their data or comparing prices of groceries. With delicious treats involved in the real-word application of their math expertise, students discovered that knowledge isn’t just power, it’s appetizing.

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Lower School 2nd Grade Data Collection

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