Women in Tech at Nationwide

POSTED BY The Wellington School ON January 5, 2017 IN

Middle school girls recently visited Nationwide to learn how women can impact technology. Through the help of Wellington parent Tara Paider P ‘24, an associate vice president at Nationwide, students were invited to spend the day at the company to work together brainstorming ways in which they could design an app.

“We put a list of our ideas on a poster and showed everyone else the type of app we were aiming to make,” Sophia Penegor ‘23 said. “Later we all gathered in one room and learned the process of designing an app.”

The girls were divided into five teams focused on: business, ux design, requirements, development, and testing. Through teamwork, they added their own section to a new Nationwide app which allowed people to call an uber, emergency contact, or tow truck if they were in need of help. To follow up on the the project, Nationwide will soon come to Wellington and provide workshops to help students build their app.

“We all learned a lot that day and we can’t wait to continue designing,” Penegor said.               

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Middle School Women in Tech at Nationwide

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