Every student has a dream. The Wellington community encourages, inspires, and supports each child as he or she pursues it.

Whether solving problems directly in front of us, or exploring the possibilities ahead, we see dreams become reality. Our environment encourages students to think outside of the box – and outside of themselves. Through interactions with the faculty, peers, and others in the community, Wellington students learn to relate, respect, and take risks in the course of learning.

Student Experiences That

Change Lives

We provide a safe and supportive environment that allows students to explore, extend, and experiment. We recognize all students learn differently, and we meet those differences through our dynamic approach to education. We help students learn and grow inside and out, and encourage a balance of character, academics, arts, and athletics.

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Building Character Through

Real-World Learning

Preparing students to be lifelong learners and leaders means creating authentic experiences during which they feel safe to try new things, fail, ask for help, take a new tack, and find their path. That kind of character building happens in our classrooms, on our sports teams, and when students are expressing their artistic talents.


thumbnail of Anika
Class of 2019
Wellington feels like family because of the strong connections students have with each other and with our teachers."
thumbnail of Matt
Class of 2015
Wellington is the kind of school where students can create their own opportunities."
During the summer months and after school hours, Wellington summer programming offers engaging experiences for students to learn new skills, extend emerging interests, and have fun.
We believe that wellness is not just a goal but rather a way of life for our students. We address the wellness needs of the whole child: proper nutrition, and greater physical, social, and emotional health.
Wellington students create and manage extracurricular clubs around subjects that interest them, ranging from Chess Club to the African American Awareness Association, and from the Culinary Club to the Film Society.
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Newest building opened – 76,000 sq feet