Healthy food fuels the brain.


The Wellington School intends for students to be active and productive in their lives. We know from research and direct observation that a healthy diet not only nourishes a strong body but also provides brainpower for our students’ developing minds. We promote and provide healthy, nutritious meals at lunch, and encourage wholesome snacks between meals.


The nutrition connection at lunch

At The Wellington School, students have an array of nutritious options every day for their lunch. At least two hot meals are offered each day – with choices ranging from ravioli to Moroccan chicken wraps – and students always have their pick of fresh-made daily soups, raw and prepared fruits and vegetables on the salad bar, bagels, yogurt, and sandwich fixings.

Lower school lunch is served family style, with students and teachers from kindergarten through 4th grade mixing at the same table. Middle school students eat with their advisee groups and teachers. Upper School students often have lunch at their world language tables, or share a meal with college recruiters, the Head of School, or other speakers.



Parents provide snacks for the class in prekindergarten and kindergarten. Teachers provide guidelines for suggested nutritional snacks, and how to avoid provoking individual food allergies.

Students in 1st through 4th grades may bring an afternoon snack to eat. No cookies, cakes, or candy are permitted. All non-nutritional foods are highly discouraged.

For middle and upper school students, a variety of healthy foods are available in a number of settings at various times during the day. These include beverage vending machines, The Sokol Store, the Athletic Office, at upper school break, at athletic team meals, and snacks during celebrations.


Birthday celebrations

A simple, healthy treat provided by the birthday child is the traditional way to celebrate birthdays at school. Parents should check with the teacher to coordinate date and time, and to consider any food allergies that may be present in the classroom.