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Wellington offers a challenging and engaging educational experience set within a safe and supportive environment where students of all ages learn to be committed, curious, and resilient.

We help develop the essential habits and attitudes of world-ready citizens. Our classes are small and individual attention is the norm. While the program is structured, our teachers are skilled in differentiated instruction to help each student learn in a way that speaks to his or her strengths and readiness.



Our Philosophy

Wellington’s educational approach emphasizes active learning and true understanding as opposed to surface textbook memorization. We provide opportunities for each student to explore a variety of subject areas and discover their individual passions. The curriculum challenges students with authentic application, preparing them for a lifelong approach to critical questioning and creative problem-solving. We encourage risk-taking in the classroom and beyond as Wellington provides students a safe environment in which they can learn from meaningful failure and then develop the resiliency, courage, and grit to try again and succeed.

Within the security of a supportive and nurturing environment, the Wellington Lower School encourages students, however young, to become active participants in all aspects of the educational experience. Our preschool through 4th grade students are taught to listen and evaluate, as well as encouraged to question forgone conclusions while considering multiple perspectives.
At the middle school level, our 5th through 8th graders are expected to explore their interests, experiment with their ideas, and consider alternatives to the obvious. We build on those early skills learned in lower school while challenging them with a more rigorous curriculum and opportunities for personal growth through extracurricular activities.
Small classes and attentive, experienced educators in the Wellington Upper School help prepare students for the challenges of college and beyond. A sound college-prep curriculum with advanced courses combined with activities like athletics, club participation and performing arts, helps round out a truly dynamic education for students in 9th through 12th grade.

Wellington provides a vibrant, forward-thinking learning environment with a

caring, connected community

that actively seeks and supports diversity.

Each member of that community looks after and respects one another, collaborates and interacts, and

engages with the world around them.

We teach our students to
find their passion.

When they are brave enough for the search, they are poised to achieve their greatest potential.

The right answer is only part of the story.

Memorization and recitation may have their place, but Wellington prepares students for the unpredictability of the future by nurturing their inquisitive, innovative, and resilient natures.

Learning Center

The Abbott Family Learning Center boasts more than 35,000 print and non-print volumes, an online catalog, subscription databases, and is open nearly 50 hours a week. The Center’s librarians focus on helping students acquire the information literacy skills they need through one-on-one and small group instruction.

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Robert Brisk

Head of School
Thumbnail image of Head of Lower School

Jill Webb

Head of Lower School
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Erin Noviski

Head of Middle School
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Jeff Terwin

Assistant Head of School and Head of Upper School