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When everyone gets a shot on the field or court, valuable lessons are learned in perseverance, collaboration, and leadership.

Wellington students discover their true passions by setting, achieving, and surpassing their goals on the court, mound, grass, track, and beyond.

Athletics are an essential component of the Wellington educational experience and central to the school’s mission. Through athletics students face both success and defeat, which helps develop resiliency in life beyond school.



Our Philosophy

Participation in sports gives students the opportunity to learn the value of dedication, sacrifice, time management, and teamwork. Students also develop leadership skills and strength of character.

The program goals vary by division. The focus of lower school is exposure to various sports and basic skill development. This objective continues into middle school, and progresses towards a balance between participation and competition. More than 80 percent of our 7th and 8th graders play a sport. Because Wellington has a no-cut athletics policy, every student can participate in any sport he or she chooses.

Coaches and athletes work to create an inclusive and fun team environment, while thoroughly preparing for the transition to varsity sports in upper school. The upper school program encourages athletic excellence and strives to field competitive varsity teams

Sports at Wellington

Jaguar Athletics Successes

Despite our small student body, Wellington makes a big impact at the state level.
We’re competitive in our divisions, which provides a positive experience for our athletes.


2013 State Runner-Up Girls Diving (Individual)
2012 State Runner-Up Boys Golf
2012 State Runner-Up Girls Diving (Individual)
2011 State Champions Boys Golf
2011 State Runner-Up Girls Golf (Individual)
2011 State Runner-Up Boys Tennis (Individual)
2010 State Final Four Girls Lacrosse
2006 State Final Four Girls Lacrosse
2003 State Final Four Boys Basketball
2003 State Champions Middle School Boys Lacrosse
2001 State Champions Boys Tennis (Doubles)
2001 State Runner-Up Boys Lacrosse
2000 State Champions Girls Lacrosse
1999 State Runner-Up Boys Lacrosse
1998 State Runner-Up Boys Lacrosse
1989 State Champions Girls Tennis (Doubles)


Athletics By The Numbers


athletic facilities


teams offered across all sports


of 7th and 8th graders play at least one sport


of upper school students play at least one sport


sports offered

In addition to our upper school travel teams, we offer instructive sports programs for our younger students, as well as other similar-age athletes from around our community. This is a great way for kids to discover or build on sports they love.
We’ve made a real investment to give our students world-class, multi-purpose fields and courts that host everything from high school lacrosse and soccer to introductions to fencing.
The best way to experience Jaguar pride is to see it in person. View our full sports schedule.

Inside every one of us is the spirit of a Jaguar.

Jaguar Nation is always growing…and we welcome new fans!
Support our teams and feel closer to their achievements. Be a Booster.

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Director of Athletics
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Athletic Assistant
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Sports Performance Coach
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