An opportunity for students to explore and experiment.


Learning through technology

This generation of students is more wired than any other, and technology tools are as familiar to them as chalk and chalkboard were to earlier generations. Wellington students use computers to write, revise, and publish. They also use technology to create video tutorials, take notes, listen to and record foreign language homework, and collaborate on group projects. They learn how to leverage technology to enhance their learning.


Integrated projects offer additional learning

Integration among disciplines is present in all grade levels. For example, 5th grade students integrate social studies and language arts as investigative journalists who research all types of things related to culture, including their own families and their transition to middle school. They use the latest tools available in audio and visual technology to present their findings.

Sixth grade students conduct their own Science Independent Research Project (SIRP). After choosing a topic of interest, they research its cultural, historical, and scientific elements. Students apply the scientific method to develop a hypothesis then conduct experiments that amplify their research, and prove or disprove their hypothesis. Finally, they share their findings in oral, written, and visual presentations.

Students in 7th grade select and research a global issue and create a visual work of art that effectively communicates the various facets of their topic. In addition to the visual work, students write a persuasive paper and present a speech based on their topic.

Eighth graders can expect to delve deep into history in both social studies and their English classes.



Each student is assigned to an advisory group made up of 8-12 students and a teacher. They meet regularly to grow socially and emotionally through fun events, activities, and a safe, supportive home base for the entire year. The groups share lunch every day, and over the course of the year deep friendships and a stable support system are built.



Every student has artistic talent, and the Wellington Visual and Performing Arts program celebrates each individual. Public performances and displays allow students to receive genuine feedback and build their confidence. Our goal is for each student to develop the foundation for a positive, lifelong relationship with the arts.



The Wellington School considers athletics to be an extension of the classroom, and our teachers and coaches are role models. Collaboration, setting goals, working hard, and sportsmanship are all traits learned during athletic competition and applied to real life. Athletics are an essential part of the Wellington educational experience and are as central to the school’s mission as are academics and the arts.