Early Childhood & Lower School

Wellington Early Childhood & Lower School

Our early childhood and lower school experience is designed to be child-centered and represent the best research and practices in teaching and learning.

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Our Early Childhood program includes Little Jags (for children who are 3 by September 1), prekindergarten (for children who are 4 by September 1), and kindergarten. Our Lower School program serves students in grades 1-4.


Our approach at each level and each subject is based on readiness and need, resulting in a thoughtful and differentiated program where learning is orchestrated to be developmentally appropriate, authentic, and engaging.

Sample schedule

Thoughtfully designed with developmentally appropriate blocks of academic time, solo exploration, and brain breaks throughout the day to refresh students' minds and bodies. 

Small classes

Our small classes allow students to be deeply known, with learning guides in each grade level to provide ongoing differentiation with experienced professionals.

Differentiated instruction for acceleration

Math and literacy specialists work directly with teachers and students to provide differentiated instruction for students ready to move faster or utilize a more challenging lens.

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Meet Mrs. Brown

With years of independent school teaching and administrative experience, Head of Early Childhood & Lower School Shelley Brown leads with warmth and wisdom.

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Passion Projects

In kindergarten, teachers deliver foundational academic content in the context of individual student interests - from dinosaurs and trash trucks to soccer and space. The result is engaging and memorable - a passion project presented by each student.

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Off-Campus Experiences

Off-campus experiences complement student-driven project work and offer opportunities for healthy risks in every grade, from day trips around Columbus to a culminating sleep-away camp experience in 4th grade. 

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