The Wellington Initiative

We help students and teachers push boundaries to achieve greatness.

Every student can learn at a high level when they are deeply engaged by their school. Yet it is difficult–if not impossible–to improve student engagement if it cannot be measured. The Wellington Engagement Index solves this problem, empowering teachers with the data needed to drive student engagement.

Wed, 12/12/2018 - 15:15

How do we empower teachers with the data they need?

  • We measure student engagement:

    when students are Challenged by their classes, and Love the experience.

  • We ask students for feedback:

    with the Engagement Grid–after all, aren’t students the experts on students’ opinions?

  • We build custom software:

    which makes measuring, viewing, and analyzing this engagement data quick and simple.

  • Engaged students learn best:

    understand your student’s engagement with the Wellington Engagement Index.