The Wellington Initiative

The Wellington Initiative

A New School of Thought

By empowering teachers with access to the best resources, techniques, and data, we can drive engagement and transform the future of education. This is The Wellington Initiative. 

This is what innovation looks like.

The Engagement Index gathers student feedback six times throughout the year, for an autonomous alternative to testing. Educators also have access to Peer View, a new resource for more efficient evaluations than ever.

From local speaking engagements to conferences across the country and a nationally recognized TED Talk, our founders seek to transform education—and they’re equally sought after.

Being educators ourselves, teaching comes first. The Wellington Initiative includes on-site consulting services as schools implement our cutting-edge processes and adjust to a new way of learning.

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This is the new standard.

Students today are all being held to the same standards and measured by a universally standardized bar. But we believe there is no standard student. The Wellington Initiative was designed to engage students in an entirely new way. And it’s a change a century in the making.

Established by educators. Recognized as a revolution.

We’ve built a reputation. Innovative. Imaginative. Inclusive. Established within The Wellington School, we were founded by forward thinkers. Thought leaders. And the educators who witness the need to evolve our current approach to education every day.

Put to the test by over 50 learning institutions.

The new lesson plan for learning communities.

Teaching the basics only takes one day. We’ll train educators, administrators, and students how to use the Index, and how to begin collecting data in just a matter of days.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. We are there every step of the way to help with set up, from uploading rosters to helping register users.

Following through to the final exam. We work one-on-one with you to help you understand how to examine the data and walk through how to recognize students who are flourishing and students who might be falling behind.

The proof is in our partnerships

  • Education Beyond the Core

    "The Wellington Engagement Index puts a valuable tool in the hands of students, aggregating and disaggregating data quickly in a way that gives classroom teachers and their supervisors' extraordinary guidance about where curriculum, teachers, and individual students are fulfilling or falling short of deep learning. The WEI is the first of its kind I have seen, and it deserves to catch fire fast.”

  • The Hotchkiss School

    "The Wellington Engagement Index is an invaluable tool for assessing teaching and learning at The Hotchkiss School; it is quick, easy to use, flexible, and has yielded outstanding insights about our school community fostering conversations among our faculty about how to continue to develop best practices for creating the most vibrate, inclusive, and effective learning community possible. It supports our motto of 'guided by each other, let us seek better paths’ by generating actionable data that leads to improved outcomes.  Additionally, The Wellington Initiative support team is engaged, responsive, and constantly receiving feedback to improve the instrument and help schools serve their communities better."

  • The EAST Initiative

    "The student feedback provided by the Wellington Engagement Index has given our administrators and facilitators valuable opportunities for reflection as they challenge students in solving real community problems. As an elective program that crosses standard curricular lines, EAST focuses on individual student growth through service and technology without the pressure of high stakes testing. To the EAST Initiative, this tool provides invaluable, quantitative data that proves students can both love and be highly challenged by this nontraditional self-directed atmosphere which is the foundation to student growth."


    "We piloted the Wellington Engagement Index with a very small group of teachers and students…after the first collection of data, we met as a group and the conversations between faculty members from different disciplines was amazing."

What standardized tests should be measuring

We value what we measure, so what comes when we decide to measure love of learning or student engagement?

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