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The Wellington International Student Experience Program is included in tuition, making international travel a reality for every student.

Jun 10
Wellington Summer Programs
8:30 a.m.
The Wellington School

The Wellington Summer Program provides children entering prekindergarten through grade 12 the opportunity to discover new talents, learn essential skills, tackle new obstacles, and build lasting friendships.  

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From Foundations to College Preparations

At Wellington, preschoolers to seniors are given the freedom to delve into interests that spark their curiosity, all while building a solid academic foundation to power their next steps.

Early Childhood & Lower School

Age 3 - grade 4

Child-centered programming that represents the best research and practices in teaching and learning.

Middle School

Grades 5-8

Academic, social, and emotional growth as students develop greater confidence in their abilities. 

Upper School

Grades 9-12

Advanced courses, independent research, and exploration empower students to dive deeply into their passions.


We help assure a smooth transition for new students into our school, guide students through the college search process, and assist with all points in between.

Admission & Tuition Guidance

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The best way to get to know our community is to experience it for yourself. Walk into Wellington and you’ll immediately feel the energy and excitement of young minds at work.


Our Graduates

Pete Waydo '91

Deputy section manager of spacecraft mechanical engineering, Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Pete helped design and build the suspension systems for NASA’s two Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

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Melissa Tidwell '95

In 2007, when Google was still in its infancy, Melissa Tidwell ‘95 joined the company as senior counsel and soon found herself in meetings with legendary co-founders. 

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Anna Taft '97

It's been 10 years since Anna Taft founded the non-profit Tandana, an organization that provides intercultural volunteer experiences supporting community initiatives in highland Ecuador and Mali’s Dogon Country.

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Caroleen Wilkes '09

As a child Caroleen Wilkes was fascinated by the idea of building teams, comprised of people with different skills and to design great places. Now as a Developer that same fascination serves as her motivation each day. 

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