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Helping students find a great fit.

Wellington offers a college counseling, rather than a college placement, program. The difference is important. Our College Counseling program is distinctive in its empowerment of students to search for, identify, and enroll in colleges that are strong fits based on their individual passions and circumstances.

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We cultivate a college-going culture that values self-awareness, allowing each student to remain at the center of their own holistic college search.

  • Small group activities beginning freshman year encourage students to purposefully structure their high school experiences. 
  • Reflection activities support goal setting and increased knowledge of personal strengths.
  • Surveys through which students reflect upon their culture, background, identity, and the ways in which each aspect of self contributes to post-secondary planning.
  • Consideration of college communities that will continue to celebrate student identities.


We empower students to become effective storytellers of their own narratives and celebrate individual accomplishments.        

  • College Composition class for all juniors guides students in developing initial drafts of college essays.
  • Summer essay workshops for rising seniors target the main college essay and supplemental essays. 
  • Faculty Edit Team partners with College Counseling to provide additional support with essay drafting throughout the school year.
  • Holistic and personalized recommendation letters contribute to each student’s application.


We educate students and families about post-secondary possibilities that can effectively support each student’s academic needs and goals.

  • Small group presentations regarding diverse school types and characteristics.
  • Informational programs and individual appointments for families across all grade levels.
  • Interactive workshops with admissions officers representing a wide variety of post-secondary institutions
  • Visits from more than 100 admissions officers representing colleges and universities throughout the country and abroad.
  • Mock interviews, informational conversations, and job shadows in coordination with members of the Wellington alumni network.


We counsel students as they navigate their individual college search and application processes.

  • Structured programming and guidance increases understanding of and confidence in the application process beginning in 9th grade.
  • Weekly college counseling course for 3rd trimester juniors and 1st trimester seniors helps students progress through the application process on a manageable timeline.
  • Regular office hours further support students in determining timelines for standardized testing and application submission.
  • Counseling team brings diverse experiences and contributions within the field of college admissions and continues their active leadership through participation in conferences and attendance at counselor visit programs throughout the country and abroad.

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