College Counseling

Helping students find a great fit.

Wellington offers a college counseling, rather than a college placement, program. The difference is important. Our College Counseling program is distinctive in its empowerment of students to search for, identify, and enroll in colleges that are strong fits based on their individual passions and circumstances.



  • Staff with over 50 years of experience in college counseling and college admissions.

  • Small group college counseling work from 9th through 12th grade.

  • Multiple individual counseling meetings with juniors and seniors.

  • On-demand availability providing students and families with access to college counseling at any time.

  • Counseling to families through enrichment events and parent meetings.

  • Online college counseling communications and resources for the Wellington community.



  • Cooperative rather than competitive college search and decision-making environment.

  • Partnerships with alumni, faculty, deans, and advisors to benefit students and families.

  • Exceptional recommendation letters through work with students, faculty, and others.

  • Expansion of individual connections with college admissions counselors.

  • Advocacy with college admissions colleagues in support of applications.

  • Staff experiences with and contributions to the field at local and national levels.



  • Initiatives to develop students’ awareness of strengths, possible majors, and careers.

  • Application advantages through distinctive, challenging, and substantive courses.

  • Resume and college essay creation in College Composition course and workshops.

  • Feedback on materials from advisors, college counseling staff, and members of the faculty edit team.

  • Distinctive hosting program for bringing together students and staff with college representatives.

  • Guest Series Sessions connecting students, parents, and staff with a variety of experts.

  • Leadership development and peer support through unique student organizations.