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Wellington Upper School

Advanced courses and independent research empower students to dive deeply into their passions, all while laying a solid academic foundation to power their next steps.

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Upper School Essentials


With more than 150 courses, students have the flexibility to design a schedule that supports their academic goals and enables them to dive deep into their interests and passions.

Daily Schedule

Our schedule is designed to enhance opportunities and increase student engagement with longer class blocks, fewer transitions, a later start to the academic day, and increased flex time.

College Counseling

Our program empowers students to search for, identify, and enroll in colleges that are strong fits based on their goals and passions.

Global Experiences

The Wellington International Student Experience (WISE) program is included in tuition, making international travel a reality for every Wellington student.

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Meet Mr. Raghunathan

Head of Upper School Rishi Raghunathan brings solid academic leadership, contagious energy, and some memorable outfits to the upper school halls.

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Wonderlab is a research and creative works incubator that supports student projects. In this course, students are encouraged to follow their passions and develop products that provide solutions to problems, answers to questions, and purpose to inspiration. Wonderlab helps students define areas of study, then introduces tools to navigate and execute complex and collaborative projects. 

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Meet the Class of 2023

Members of the Class of 2023 are off and away to the colleges and universities of their choice. Accepted at an exceptional array of schools, these graduates will pursue their ambitions both near and far, leaving their mark on the world.

Meet the Class of 2023

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