The possibilities are endless.


Class trips

To begin each year students are involved in opening activities that are designed to support students during their transitions through the upper school.

  • 9th grade overnight camp experience focused on team building, service, and goal setting.
  • 10th grade overnight camp experience focused on resilience and leadership.
  • 11th grade experiential learning excursion to Philadelphia, linked with the history curriculum.
  • 12th grade on-campus, intensive senior workshops focused n the college application workshop.



Students work directly with professional artists through field trips and classroom visits. Public performances and displays allow students to receive genuine criticism and build their confidence. The goal is for each student at Wellington is to develop the foundation for a positive, lifelong relationship with the arts.



The Wellington School considers athletics to be an extension of the classroom, and our teachers and coaches are role models. Collaboration, setting goals, working hard and sportsmanship are all traits learned during athletic competition and applied to real life. Athletics are an essential part of the Wellington educational experience and are as central to the school’s mission as are academics and the arts.


Clubs & organizations

Wellington students create and manage extracurricular clubs around subjects ranging from chess to diplomacy. Each club must apply with the Student Council and be approved, and each club must have a faculty sponsor.