It may start with a paintbrush, violin, or a script, but the importance of fostering creativity goes beyond the stage or the studio.

At The Wellington School, we believe creative thinking is an essential skill for success in life. Fine arts, music, and theatre experiences begin with Little Jags and continue through senior year.

Each child’s unique artistic potential is celebrated.

Our dedicated arts faculty members are experienced educators and accomplished artists in their own right. Additionally, students at every level and in different artistic genres work directly with professional artists from around the world to learn techniques and applications. Public performances and displays allow students to showcase their skills and develop confidence before an admiring, yet sometimes critical, audience. Our goal for each Wellington student is to develop the foundation for a positive, lifelong appreciation and relationship with the arts.

The Wellington School's internationally recognized theatre department involves every student at the younger ages and offers more specialized involvement, including playwriting, for our upper school students.
Wellington’s music faculty includes dedicated professionals for lower school music, as well as faculty who focus on strings, band, and choir at the middle and upper school levels. Our upper school ensembles are regularly awarded superior and first-place rankings at competitions.
The Wellington School Visual Arts curriculum was created with the special developmental stages of every age in mind, and integrates aesthetics, art history, studio art, art criticism, visual culture studies, and technology. Lower school, middle school, and upper school each has its own separate studio space, with dedicated faculty.
Wellington faculty includes

dedicated professionals

for general music, strings, band, and choir

Students at every level work directly with

professional artists

from around the world

Our ensembles are regularly awarded

superior and first-place rankings

at competitions

Our theatre department is

internationally recognized

The lower school, middle school, and upper school each has its own

studio space

The Wellington Visual and Performing Arts program celebrates the artistic expression and experience of each individual. We encourage and develop creativity in all students.

Contact Arts Faculty

Thumbnail image of Band Director

James Becker

Band Director
Thumbnail image of Middle School/Upper School Art Teacher

Jaime Bennati

Middle School/Upper School Art Teacher
Thumbnail image of Orchestra Director

Karen Butler

Orchestra Director
Thumbnail image of Lower School Music Teacher

Laurie Parsons

Lower School Music Teacher
Thumbnail image of Lower School Art Teacher

Gina Spicer

Lower School Art Teacher
Thumbnail image of Vocal Music Director

Lisa Springer

Vocal Music Director
Thumbnail image of Middle School Art Teacher

P. Jayne Young

Middle School Art Teacher