Personal expression takes many
different forms.


Our visual arts curriculum aligns with students’ developmental stages, integrating aesthetics, art history, studio art, art criticism, visual culture studies and technology. Each child’s unique artistic experience, statement, and potential are celebrated. Our goal is for each student to develop the foundation for a positive, lifelong relationship with the arts. Artwork from each individual is displayed throughout the school.


A strong beginning

Artistic experiences begin in the lower school. Students learn the basic principles of design and examine topics in art history. Students at this level participate in critique through discussion, games, and written responses. There is much collaboration between art and classroom teachers to overlap lessons, and those curricula are nationally recognized.

Visual art in the middle school encourages sensitivity to imagery within an historical and contemporary context. Students develop an aesthetic response to a global, cultural, and artistic heritage as they examine and explore the role of art in society and on a global scale. The curriculum stresses the processes of both creating and responding to art.


Ambitious exploration

Upper school students have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of visual arts and design options, including: Drawing, Painting, Digital Photography, Ceramics, Stained Glass, Mixed Media, Experimental Sculpture, ePortfolio Design, Entrepreneurial Design, and Geometry, Art, & Architecture. Students develop mastery in technique and engage in the critical analysis of artwork as the connection between art history and cultural context is explored. These classes serve as a springboard for those who wish to progress in the visual arts to take the year-long Advanced Studio course in which students develop individual portfolios in conjunction with a written thesis paper about their work. Student artists display work the throughout the school, as well as in juried and non-juried gallery exhibitions.

Contact Visual Art Faculty

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Jaime Bennati

Middle School/Upper School Art Teacher
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Gina Spicer

Lower School Art Teacher
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P. Jayne Young

Middle School Art Teacher