Wellington develops courageous young minds inspired and prepared to positively impact the world.

Wellington academics are innovative and engaging for students of all ages. While standardization and large class sizes have brought traditional education to a grinding halt, our students thrive in a multicultural and inclusive learning environment that fosters their innate intellectual curiosity. Our forward-thinking curriculum pushes students to take ownership of their learning and move beyond textbooks and classroom walls. Diverse, world-class faculty guide students through a bold, new approach to achieving academic excellence.

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Our Philosophy

Whether a Little Jag on the first day of school or a senior immersed in the landscape of college applications, Wellington empowers students to take their next great steps in life. Engaged learning and true understanding, as opposed to rote memorization or standardized testing, lead us as educators. We are dedicated to providing an experience for children of all ages that will strengthen their resolve and fuel their ambition to tackle challenges awaiting them. Wellington students leave our school with the confidence to overcome obstacles and create their own path to success.

In a supportive and encouraging environment, students learn to ask big questions and how to find the answers from multiple perspectives. Nothing is a forgone conclusion, including the best method of learning for each child. Under the guidance of expert faculty, students in preschool through 4th grade discover that exploring their interests brings deeper understanding and, ultimately, joy in learning.
The transition from childhood to adolescence is significant in the development of a young mind. In 5th through 8th grade, students build upon foundational skills to solve problems of increasing complexity. Middle schoolers are challenged within a caring community to stretch and grow both academically and socially as they develop greater confidence in their abilities.
An innovative curriculum taught by gifted faculty prepare upper school students for the rigorous demands of college and beyond. Advanced courses combined with opportunities for independent research with professionals across the country empower students in 9th through 12th grade to dive deeply into their passions.

Wellington provides a vibrant, forward-thinking learning environment with a

caring, connected community

that actively seeks and supports diversity.

Each member of our community is expected to look after and respect one another, collaborate, and

engage with the world around them.

We help students find their passion.

When they are brave enough for the search, they are poised to achieve their greatest potential.

The right answer is only part of the story.

Memorization and recitation may have their place, but Wellington prepares students for the unpredictability of the future by nurturing their inquisitive, innovative, and resilient natures.

Learning Center

The Abbott Family Learning Center boasts more than 35,000 print and non-print volumes, an online catalog, subscription databases, and is open nearly 50 hours a week. The Center’s librarians focus on helping students acquire the information literacy skills they need through one-on-one and small group instruction.

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Robert Brisk

Head of School
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Jeff Terwin

Associate Head of School and Head of Upper School
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Rachel Althof

Interim Head of Middle School
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Jill Webb

Head of Lower School