1. POSTED ON Feb 28, 2018 IN

    Students Map Their Own Course for Success

    The most important information a teacher needs about a student is what a student knows. This claim, of course, could be argued. For instance, one could say that it’s actually more important to understand what a student cares about. After all, students are inherently motivated to learn when they are invested in a topic. Motivation, […]

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  2. POSTED ON Feb 08, 2018 IN ,

    Show Don’t Tell

    For a child to understand a concept fully, they must be able to explain it to someone else. Research has shown there are many many benefits when students can apply their learned information by sharing it with others. According to John Nestojko, a researcher in psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, “When compared to […]

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  3. POSTED ON Jan 25, 2018 IN

    PERMA in Practice

    Have you ever been to a conference and returned home with a list of hundreds of goals and billions of new things to implement? And then your excitement lasts for a week, or two, and before you know it, you’re back to your same old routine with maybe a couple of small changes based on […]

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  4. POSTED ON Nov 29, 2017 IN ,

    Competition Allows Experts to Share Research and Experience

    Wellington offers a diverse catalog of upper school courses with the goal of providing a meaningful and lasting education.  Another mechanism for developing student breadth is a seminar series which recruits experts to share their research and experiences with our community. Seminars are an invaluable resource for learning novel concepts, sampling broad disciplines, and developing […]

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  5. POSTED ON Nov 20, 2017 IN

    The Root of Gratitude

    Thanksgiving is drawing near and it is not just a time for family and friends, but for thanks and gratitude as well. I try my best to be thankful, to thank those who help me and to make time to write one thing that I’m grateful for every day. I try to remember to give […]

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  6. POSTED ON Nov 02, 2017 IN

    Looking Inward During College Search

    Do you know there are more than 4,000 colleges and universities just in the United States? We are fortunate to have so many options, including both public and private as well as four-year and two-year institutions. Researching every option takes a significant amount of time. Where should you start? Many students and families focus on […]

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  7. Independent Science Research Leads to Discovery

    While a student in the Wellington Upper School, Neelu Paleti ’17 discovered something that no one else had ever seen while working in a lab at Otterbein University for her Independent Science Research project. She was looking at cells under a microscope, observing the protein and comparing them to previous models, when she realized the […]

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  8. POSTED ON Oct 04, 2017 IN ,

    Cultivating Natural Wonder

    On any given day, walk into one of our early childhood classrooms and you may find a table full of different rocks, books about rocks, and magnifying glasses; fall leaves and jars of orange, red, and yellow paint; or a colorful arrangement of freshly picked flowers and sketch pads with sharpened colored pencils. When the […]

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