1. Building a Girls in Tech Culture

    Where are the women in technology? What draws them to the field and chases them away? How can we, as educators and society in general, attract girls to the field? I have always been interested in the drought of women in technology that seems to be only getting worse rather than better. In 2010 I […]

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    A Duty to Understand

    One of the things that I love about teaching at Wellington is the freedom to develop and re-develop curriculum. Over the last 26 years, I have been able to consider options for not only a variety of trimester courses for 11th and 12th graders, but also for the English 9 and (most recently) English 10 […]

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  3. The Lasting Legacy of Con Law

    Eighth grade is an exciting year in middle school. By this time, students have learned the fundamentals and are ready to wrestle with real-world problems. At the same time, they maintain a natural curiosity and enthusiasm that makes them a joy to teach. At Wellington, 8th graders have choices through a variety of elective courses […]

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  4. Chess Reigns Supreme in Problem-Solving

    This year, I had the pleasure of teaching chess to a 4th grade class at Wellington. I had received a Student Engagement Grant to study whether chess helps children improve their problem-solving skills and meta-cognition. The grant complemented research I had done in my graduate school program at Ohio State and allowed me to actually […]

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  5. The Why of Well-Being

    Meditation and mindfulness. Breathing and balance. Emotional intelligence and engagement. Happiness and health (physical and emotional). From CNN headlines to book titles, we see more and more on these topics, in the world at large and in our Wellington community. Why? I can answer the why for Wellington. Two and half years ago, members of […]

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  6. The Freedom of Summer Learning

    Although we are extremely flexible, there is a somewhat predictable rhythm to teaching and learning during the formal school year. The summer months, however, offer the highest level of flexibility imaginable! I remember a time when summer learning was about workbooks and worksheets and flashcards. Iā€™d like to propose an entirely different approach to learning […]

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    The A.I.R. at Wellington

    For hundreds of thousands of students, A.I.R. stands for the hours and days of seat time devoted to filling in bubbles on a test required of all Ohio public schools this year. The data from A.I.R. tests is currently being fed into a gigantic system designed to grade schools on how well they are preparing […]

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    A STEM Bubble Collapse?

    When consumers purchase homes or stock, they hope the value of those assets appreciate. This economic scenario defines a price increase in response to rising intrinsic value. If exuberant market behavior drives higher demand and cost, with constant or even dropping value, the asset experiences inflation. When this practice yields a trend, economists describe the […]

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