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    Cultivating Natural Wonder

    On any given day, walk into one of our early childhood classrooms and you may find a table full of different rocks, books about rocks, and magnifying glasses; fall leaves and jars of orange, red, and yellow paint; or a colorful arrangement of freshly picked flowers and sketch pads with sharpened colored pencils. When the […]

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  2. Math Conference Builds Teacher Confidence

    This summer I attended the Teacher Leadership Program at the Park City Math Institute, or PCMI, in Park City, Utah. The program is put on by the Institute of Advanced Study, or IAS, where Einstein was one of the first faculty members serving from 1933 to 1955. PCMI brings in a few dozen research mathematicians from around […]

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  3. Lower School Lab Work Cultivates Curiosity

    Children are natural scientists. They are born with instincts to observe, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate phenomena. It then becomes our responsibility as educators to provide students with opportunities to embrace their innate curiosity as they explore the world. People tend to underestimate children’s capacity to learn science core ideas and practices in the early years […]

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    Independence Key to Visionary Education

    The Wellington School is a proud member in good standing of three important organizations: the National Association of Independent Schools, the Independent Schools Association of the Central States, and the Ohio Association of Independent Schools. One of the things that all three organizations hold in common, so important that all three put it in their name, is […]

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    Mentorship Fosters Growth at School

    A new year is upon us! New pencils, new backpacks, new students, and…new teachers! Most years Wellington welcomes at least a few new faces to our faculty, and you may have wondered, “How do these newcomers transition into Wellington teachers?”   We focus on helping new teachers fully understand the mission of our school and […]

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    Measuring Student Engagement in Early Childhood

    As we continue to push ourselves to be better teachers, we often reflect on our own practice. Are we meeting the needs of our students? Are we helping to establish an environment that promotes learning? These and many other questions led us through our year long journey of discovering and implementing new techniques to measure […]

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  7. Building a Girls in Tech Culture

    Where are the women in technology? What draws them to the field and chases them away? How can we, as educators and society in general, attract girls to the field? I have always been interested in the drought of women in technology that seems to be only getting worse rather than better. In 2010 I […]

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    A Duty to Understand

    One of the things that I love about teaching at Wellington is the freedom to develop and re-develop curriculum. Over the last 26 years, I have been able to consider options for not only a variety of trimester courses for 11th and 12th graders, but also for the English 9 and (most recently) English 10 […]

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