A Note on the Believing Campaign from Board Chair Ted Manley

A Note on the Believing Campaign from Board Chair Ted Manley

By Ted Manley P ’21 ’24, Board Chair

As we bring the 2020-21 school year to a close amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wellington community is emboldened by our mission and belief in academic excellence, social-emotional growth, and meaningful connections that vibrantly shine through in our unique education experience. This confidence inspires a renewed commitment to emboldening our future through Believing: The Campaign for Wellington.

For this campaign to successfully meet our goals, we must ground our generosity in building a physical structure that will embody the very assets that helped us survive and thrive over the past year: autonomy, connectedness, and flexibility. The autonomy required to navigate this crucial moment in time highlights the value we place on connectedness and the opportunity to have many students on campus, five days a week, since we returned to campus in September. Now, building upon the ideas that first united us as a community, we have the opportunity to create new synergy that will ensure our legacy for decades to come.

The Believing Campaign is about designing a learning environment that empowers students to follow their passion while connecting with the people and programs that provide an unparalleled Wellington education. Your support makes certain that our students will continue to thrive in a future that holds unrivaled possibilities.

Do you believe in Wellington? Learn more about Believing: The Campaign for Wellington and make your gift today at wellington.org/believing.