Middle School

Our middle school provides a caring community as kids transition from childhood to young adulthood. Students solve problems of increasing complexity as well as stretch and grow both academically and socially as they develop greater confidence in their abilities.

Admissions Timeline

After Sept. 15          Accepting applications for all grade levels

Monday, Feb. 15     Application deadline for 1st round decisions

Monday, Mar. 1       First round admission decisions

Monday, Mar. 15     Second round admissions decisions

Apr. through Aug.   Admission considered where space is available

Middle school student admissions process

Part One

  • Complete the Online Application steps through the Wellington Admissions Portal
  • Upload a photo of your child
  • Pay your $75 application fee online (includes testing fee)

Part Two

Using the Admissions Portal...

  • Submit the Parent Authorization Form
  • Submit the Parent Questionnaire
  • Submit the Student Questionnaire
  • Submit contact information for your child's most recent math teacher, English teacher, and any third teacher/coach/counselor. This recommendation is most effective when the teacher has known your child for a minimum of three months. An automated email will be generated to each teacher with a link to complete the appropriate recommendation form online. Please wait until after Nov. 1 to submit the teacher recommendation request.
  • Submit the Transcript Request Form
  • Upload a copy of your child's most recent progress report or report card

Part Three

The application, application fee, and authorization form must be received prior to the testing and visit dates. Complete these items in the Admissions Portal Checklist. Call 614-324-1564 or email admissions@wellington.org