Letter from Shelley Brown, Head of Early Childhood Program

Letter from Shelley Brown, Head of Early Childhood Program

Thank you for considering Wellington for the foundation of your child’s educational journey. Your child will learn through differentiated, hands-on learning experiences with the support and encouragement from experienced educators. Thanks to our small class size, your child will be known and well cared for. An early introduction to a growth mindset and way of learning is valued as your child stretches their imagination, connects with peers, and learns through intentional and meaningful play.

We spend time listening and asking questions to our youngest students to uncover their interests and passions. We then use these student interests as springboards to our project work and differentiated learning experiences. Each year, children in our Little Jags and prekindergarten programs will hone their phonological awareness skills, learn and utilize meaningful math concepts, and strengthen fine motor skills. How they get there may be through the lens of a dinosaur, an airplane, or a fairy tale. It’s all based on their interests, leading to learning experiences that are engaging for that particular class of children. Child voice is evident throughout our classrooms.

Instruction is globally minded, even at this stage, and we emphasize what it means to be a part of a community. Highlights of the early childhood program include utilizing the outdoor classroom to extend learning, field trips to extend project work, and cooking experiences that complement the learning themes. At Wellington, your child, like my own two boys, may respond to the question of “What did you do today?” with a simple, “I played”. And that means they learned a lot!

I invite you to learn more on our website and to visit as soon as you can.


Shelley Brown
Head of Early Childhood Program