A Message from Cristen Geary & Lissa Wade, Co-Heads of Middle School

A Message from Cristen Geary & Lissa Wade, Co-Heads of Middle School

Dear Parents & Caregivers, 

We are thrilled that your search for a unique educational setting for your child has led you to Wellington! Wellington’s mission - to help students find their purpose and realize their potential for tomorrow’s world - and values are at the heart of everything we do in middle school. Through inquiry and project-based learning, we promote a culture of questioning and reflection (Be Curious). Our Advisory program and overall emphasis on social-emotional learning help Wellington students discover who they are as individuals and in the context of their communities (Be Yourself). Bolstered by a strong network of supportive adults who are experts in their fields, we encourage students to take academic risks and push themselves in exciting new directions (Be Ambitious). Students learn, create, and play with peers and teachers whose diverse backgrounds offer them a chance to see the world through multiple lenses and affirm their sense of belonging (Be Empathetic). During these in-between years of burgeoning independence, we focus on executive functioning skills that empower students to set goals, manage their time, and develop intrinsic motivation (Be Responsible). 

Middle school students build a strong academic foundation across the curriculum through authentic, immersive experiences in the classroom and beyond our walls. At Wellington, we take pride in teaching students how to think, rather than what to think. To achieve that outcome, it is essential that students have opportunities to make choices and to use their voices in ways that will help them and others flourish. Wellington students practice choice and develop their voices by exploring new interests through our Dive elective program, joining a club or affinity group, stepping into a leadership role, and participating in performing arts and athletics. No matter the endeavor or setting, we want students to be appropriately challenged and highly engaged in everything they undertake. 

We invite you to learn more about the middle school experience on the pages that follow. Be sure to visit us in person so you can see for yourself what makes Wellington a joyful and thriving community of learners. We hope to see you soon! 



Cristen Geary P '35 '36 & Lissa Wade

Middle School Co-Heads