Two Jags Serve the Women's Fund of Central Ohio

Two Jags Serve the Women's Fund of Central Ohio

Over the summer, upper school students Jameela Askira ’22 and Kendhyl Wilder ’22 served as grant readers for the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio.  In flexing their community service muscles, the two Jags were able to inform which organizations hardest hit by COVID-19 the Women’s Fund might support. 

After being selected, Askira and Wilder spent a Saturday morning reading and discussing the merits of various grant applications during a virtual grant reading program.  Reflecting on the virtual grant reading program, Askira said “I also enjoyed how at the end of the event, every group shared which of their grants was the most interesting to them.”

“I had a wonderful experience as a grant reader!” said Wilder.  “My group had such in-depth conversations while scoring the grants that we ran overtime and weren’t able to discuss the last grant as we wanted to. I would recommend this to my friends at Wellington and would love to be a grant reader again!” she added.

The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio is focused on economic empowerment and leadership for women and girls. Askira and Wilder contributed to the Women’s Fund making immediate impact grants to 19 organizations and initiatives on the frontlines of COVID-19 serving women and girls.


- Dara Jackson, assistant director of admissions and outreach