Upper School Success in Ohio Math League

Upper School Success in Ohio Math League

Leslie Guo '21, Jennifer Li '21, Jacky Yuan '21, and Declan Unverferth '21

Each month from October to March, upper school students participate in the Ohio Math League completion. This is a six problem challenge where students can use a calculator. Question topics range include simple number theory (involving prime and composite numbers), geometry, algebra and combinatorics. A perfect score on the OML is a rare and impressive feat!

In October, we had 42 students participate in the OML and this was an impressive number of students for the first test. Jacky Yuan ‘21, Declan Unverferth ‘21, Leslie Guo ‘21, and Jennifer Li ‘21, all scored a 5 and nine students scored a 4, including two 9th graders Allison Klinger and Beau Mattingly. On this first test, students were reminded that 1 is not prime and 2 is the first and only even prime number.

In November, a record 53 students took the OML! Unfortunately, the OML creators added some tough problems to this test and only four students earned a high score of 3: Jake Browning ‘22, Jennifer Li ‘21, Alyssa Kang ‘21, and Garrett Thesing ‘20. On this test, students were reminded that a composite number is one that isn’t prime.

The best part of these competitions is the robust, exciting, and vibrant mathematical conversations that students have with each other after turning in their answers. Go Math Jags!