The Wellington Way

The Wellington Way

Wellington began the 2019-2020 school year with record-breaking enrollment, enthusiastic new leadership, and a diverse community focused on students taking the lead in their learning. On the first day, Wellington welcomed 694 young scholars, including 154 new students, as well as new Head of School Dr. Jeff Terwin, new Head of Upper School Rishi Raghunathan P '27 '30, and new Head of Middle School Dr. Rachel Althof. Boundless energy filled the halls as students and faculty set off on an exciting journey of discovery together.

“Better connections will lead to a stronger foundation,” Dr. Terwin said to faculty members as they prepared for the year ahead, “and an important synergy as we create, innovate, and thrive together.”

Wellington’s youngest students began the day with smiles and hugs from their teachers as they entered classrooms and found a new home away from home. Cubbies filled with fresh school supplies, bulletin boards decorated with care, and spaces designed for fun exploration, all set the scene for a joyful learning environment.

Students in middle and upper school kicked off the first day in morning meetings that set the tone for the year ahead. Head of Middle School Dr. Rachel Althof shared the three basic “truths” of the middle school: kindness, responsibility, and honesty. She also encouraged students to not make assumptions about others, rather they should let people share who they are. Middle school faculty brought the fun, and their coolest shades, to the meeting by revealing their dream super power. Time-travel was a popular aspiration, as was flight, but some of the biggest laughs came from “eating really fast.”

Head of Upper School Rishi Raghunathan P '27 '30 introduced himself in, quite possibly, the boldest fashion ever in the history of Wellington. Wearing a jaguar print suit, Raghunathan spoke from the heart to students about his own life story as a self-described “nomad” and revealed the reason why he wanted to join the Wellington community. “I’m here because it’s a school where I can be myself. I want to be pushed to do great work, and I will help you lean into your strengths while also working on personal challenges. You are amazing, complicated human beings. I want you to know that I see you. I hear you. I am here to help you.”

Whether joining our community for the first time or advancing to a new grade, every student begins the school year with a fresh start, flush with the promise of growing and further evolving into the person they someday want to be. The connections they make within our vast community of innovators, problem-solvers, and creative-thinkers, will support them all the way - the Wellington way. 

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